Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Treatments for vaginal dryness depend on your situation so it’s beneficial to visit your doctor or pharmacist to discuss options if vaginal dryness is interfering with your lifestyle, relationships or sex life. Alternatively, you can buy specially formulated products over the counter in pharmacies to relieve the discomfort of your vaginal dryness so you can feel comfortable in your everyday life. Using them regularly can help moisturise and lubricate your vagina, even during sex.


Always read the label.
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Unfortunately we are still experiencing supply issues on the following Canesten products; Canesten Combi, Canesten 500mg pessary, Canesten 200mg and Canesten Duopak. Canesten Soft Gel Combi will be available in store from late January. Supply of Canesten 2% Thrush cream and Canesten 1% cream is unaffected by the supply issue. This website will be updated as further updates come through. Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing to pharmacies and our customers.