About Canesten

Our mission is to free people from the discomfort of intimate, skin and foot conditions - because we believe that nothing should stop you from living your life as you want it, comfortably and confidently.

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Canesten has a history of innovation, and exists to bring you effective, science-based products and equip you with meaningful knowledge so that you can feel in control of your intimate, skin and foot health.  

Chemical structure of clotrimazole

Science is in our DNA

Bayer have been pioneering in the intimate health world since the 1960s, when a Bayer researcher achieved the breakthrough development of clotrimazole, an active anti-fungal ingredient. A few years later, Clotrimazole was registered as a new ingredient in Germany and launched under the Canesten brand name. We were the first to launch the original clotrimazole product, which is not only effective at treating fungal infections, but also tackles its root cause. Since then we have been creating a variety of products to deliver this effective ingredient in different formats so that everyone can find a solution that best suits their needs.

To date we have conducted numerous clinical studies and use a variety of methods to ensure our products are well tolerated and effective. But our story does not end here…

Continually designing and improving high class products that work.

Canesten is all about giving you comfort and confidence! And that’s the reason why much of what we do relies on your confidence in us. Using more than 40 years of scientific knowledge, research and clinical expertise, we continue to be restless to design and deliver products that help you to diagnose, treat and prevent intimate health, skin & foot conditions. We’re constantly striving to improve our products and make them even better by investing in research which has led us to continue to develop new products over the years - something we think our original team of pioneers would be thoroughly proud of.