Treatment for Thrush

Thrush isn’t usually serious but it can be really uncomfortable, which is why it’s important to treat it properly and help stop the infection from coming back.  It is recommended to treat the infection internally as well as treating the external symptoms.

The good news is that you can easily and effectively treat with over the counter (OTC) products which come in the following forms:

Canesten Combi is recommended as it consists of an internal and external treatment. The cream provides immediate soothing relief while the pessary treats the source of the infection.

Other internal treatments for thrush include:

  • Internal pessary: This is a tablet that is inserted into the vagina and clears the infection at the site.
  • Oral pills: These are oral tablets but are only available with a prescription.

External treatments for thrush:

  • Antifungal external creams: Soothes and cools itching fast. This shouldn’t be used alone as external creams merely treat the symptoms and do not treat the cause of the infection.

When to see your doctor

  • First-time sufferers: If you recognise the symptoms we’ve described and you think you might have thrush for the first time, it’s still important to see your doctor.
  • Pregnant sufferers: Pregnant women are up to 3 times more likely to have yeasts colonizing in the vagina. It is important you visit your doctor even if you have suffered from thrush before, as your pregnancy may mean that an effective treatment you have used in the past may, in fact, be unsuitable now.
  • Have had at least 2 episodes of thrush in the past 6 months but have not consulted a GP about the condition for more than a year: recurrent thrush is defined as four or more episodes of infection in a year and affects about 5% of healthy women. Frequently it is not possible to identify the factors triggering infections, however; sometimes a relapse due to incomplete eradication of thrush during treatment can be confused with a recurrence. In this case, it is best to consult your GP.

The Naked Truth: What is thrush and what are the symptoms?

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Inside and Out

Just treating the itchiness with thrush cream won’t get rid of your infection so don’t forget to treat your thrush at the source, ideally with a combination treatment.


Always read the label.
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