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The #BeVConfident campaign from Canesten is designed to lift the taboo surrounding women’s intimate health and educate women about common conditions like bacterial vaginosis (BV) and thrush.

It is evident from a survey we conducted with women that a change in attitude and behavior is needed when it comes to these issues. 69% of women surveyed feel embarrassed to varying degrees about discussing their intimate health with their GP or pharmacist, and 18% of women surveyed would be embarrassed if a close friend or sister discussed their intimate health with them.

Women need to be empowered and have the correct information to dispel the myths surrounding intimate health. We need to encourage women to be more confident so they can become more assured in seeking a diagnosis and treating their own intimate health issues.

It’s important that women seek advice from their pharmacist if experiencing any thrush or BV symptoms. BV if untreated can cause pelvic inflammatory disease or can cause miscarriage and other complications in pregnancy.

For women who are unsure if they have BV or thrush, Canestest is an innovative and reliable self-test allowing women to determine which vaginal infection they are suffering from in just 10 seconds and treat it quickly and effectively. A simple swab and a colour change will indicate reliably whether the cause of their discomfort is Thrush or BV. If women have BV, Canesbalance offers a treatment with a triple benefit. It effectively relieves the unpleasant odour and abnormal discharge, it restricts bad bacteria and supports good bacteria, restoring the natural environment. If women have thrush they are best ask their pharmacist for a Canesten combination treatment to treat thrush internally and externally.

Listen here to our pharmacist Maria talking to Dr Ciara Kelly about intimate health.

BeVConfident Comedy Club

Watch some top female personalities breaking down the taboo surrounding intimate health!

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